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Out of Order

The numbers 123 and 213 have been highlighted recently. As I noticed 123 God began to speak to me about STEPS. Just as counting is our natural representation of an ordering of increase. There is a divine ordering of events happening now to raise you to new levels. 213, however, has appeared with equal frequency. I asked the Lord what it meant, and He has revealed these little pieces over the past few days: “The sequence of events may look different than you expect. In your mind you think your process will look like step one, step two, step three. You will find, however, that my divine ordering is different than the ordering you expect or perceive. You may appear to have a setback and then SUDDENLY skip ahead two steps. A divine acceleration all at once." 213 in Strong's Concordance correlates with the Hebrew word אוּץ meaning both “to be pressed” and “to make haste”. You may be feeling incredible pressure currently. It may seem like the demands or obstacles keep coming relentlessly with no end in sight. This only signifies a QUICKNESS in the spirit of things being rapidly ordered for advancement. It will be both sudden and unpredictable. In a dream last night, though it was the MIDDLE of winter, suddenly and without warning it became instantly warm and the ground was covered with flowers already in bloom. Instead of the predictable slow increase in temperature over time or the slow shoots that turn into buds that gradually open, it was a SUDDEN change that seemed out of the natural order. Don’t get discouraged in this time of pressure! It is advancing and accelerating you being the scenes. The evidence of your hope will suddenly spring into bloom during what you had prepared to be the duration of a tough season.  

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