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Stay Soft- Be Lead

Yesterday at the hardware store my husband told me to touch a piece of lead sheet metal. It was surprisingly moldable. Like leather almost. God began to speak... "I Am the Word- there are mysteries in WORDS. Lead and lead are spelled the same as no accident. For me to LEAD you, you must be like LEAD. Be soft and moldable to my word. Do not be too hard and inflexible, because things you think could never be moved are going to be moved!!! At the same time, there is a holy paradox where you must also not be too soft. You must hold the shape I mold you in. Let me lead you." I easily saw 18 police cars yesterday and a security vehicle. The motto "to serve and protect" and "in God we trust" came to mind...I feel like this is directly tied in the spirit to where we are being led. We are under God's PROTECTION and resting in Psalm 91 security, so this is not a time to fear! Let Him lead and rest in security.  

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