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Recently the Lord has impressed on my heart that He is releasing TICKETS. He has a ticket just for you. There are places, events, things He has planned for you now that He needs you to receive your tickets for. This is a time of GREAT ANTICIPATION! Be mindful it is a JOURNEY. Just like a journey in the natural it will be all about PROCESS and TIMING. For some these things are coming up quickly. For others God is taking a long route. In both cases, the Lord is preparing our hearts by PURIFYING them. Every public place I have entered the past few days has had deep cleaning happening. Carpet cleaning, cleaning flourescent lights- CLEANING. God spoke that He is purifying us and "dusting off" our hearts to prepare for what is coming. I see an image of ribbons. Ribbons will wrap around you, keeping you safe in His love throughout this journey. For those of you also noticing these things, it is His sign of love and protection to you. Be encouraged! Be excited! Check with the Lord for your itenerary moment by moment, and all aboard this next journey! 

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