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Hiding in Plain Sight

My husband and I were heading home in a hurry the other night, and as we turned onto the road home we were met with lights and sirens. A giant roadblock was ahead. There is no "easy" alternate route, so we turned around a prepared to take the long way. As we cut through backstreets we use less often, suddenly we noticed in the middle of a field a perfectly decorated little ice skating area with people skating. We did a double take because we live in Central Texas (ice outdoors is a rare thing), and because it didn't have a lot of pomp or glamour. It mostly blended in. Something so FUN and UNEXPECTED had been there under our noses, yet we had never heard about it. It took a disappointing DETOUR, a ROADBLOCK, for us to discover it. This morning as I began to have my time with God I looked everywhere for my journal. I usually have two handy, and both were somehow missing! I chose an NEW one and decided NOT TO LET IT SLOW ME DOWN. As I journaled I looked up, and there they were. Right on the table beside me. It's amazing I didn't see them, but they were hiding in plain sight. You may be experiencing a roadblock. Something you anticipated happening has suddenly seemed less possible. The approach you planned to take now seems powerless. God is encouraging you to NOT LET IT SLOW YOU DOWN. Look to NEW WAYS or APPROACHES YOU TYPICALLY DON'T USE, as He is bringing divine detours that will hold unexpected discoveries and joy. What you are looking for may be hiding in plain sight, and it may take a new approach to illuminate it. Look at those roadblocks with EXCITMENT instead of DISAPPOINTMENT, knowing God is opening a better path and revealing what has been hidden.

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