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Help is on the Way

If you're feeling discouraged and beaten down, this word is for you. There have been many set backs, attacks, heartbreaks, discouragements, and while all of these have come in the form of things going wrong, this is not the primary attack! The enemy is trying to TURN YOUR HEART. What you must know is that THESE ATTACKS HAVE NO POWER, though they seem quite threatening and powerful. They cannot stop or slow you. Their sole purpose is to CHANGE YOUR MIND about God'a plans for you and your role in them. Do not let your heart change directions! Three days in a row, at the same time, on the same route, ambulances with full lights and sirens have come down a local street here. Conversations and news all around me has centered around NURSES. Nurses graduating or getting jobs. These are all signs to show that HELP IS ON THE WAY. Heavenly emergency response services and heavenly healers are being dispatched to help you! Don't give up before they arrive! Be encouraged. The attacks have no power, but your beliefs and destiny DO! 

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