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Keep Swimming

Yesterday my son hopped on the couch next to me with several shark books in hand to read. A few short hours later, as I began a documentary, sharks became the unexpected focus. There was a fascinating message buried in the way these creatures were created that is meant to help us right now-- Did you know to keep breathing (to keep from suffocating) sharks MUST KEEP MOVING. If they stop swimming they don't get oxygen and can die. If you are in a time of not being certain which way to go or feeling weary or wavering confidence- KEEP MOVING. The wind of the Spirit will provide you breath as you go even if you are uncertain where it is exactly that you're going. Just do not come to a stop by assuming where you are is your end destination spiritually. God will take you at a place that won't exhaust you but He will always be moving you from glory to glory. Similarly, if sharks are tied to a flotation device and made unable to dive, their bodies enter an inexplicable paralysis. They must not only keep moving, but they must have times where they go DEEPER. As with us, if you are at a time of being called deeper- don't hesitate! Staying at the surface could become more long term than it was meant to...a spiritual paralysis happens when we allow ourselves to be held back from going deeper. This is a word for someone. Keep moving, go deeper.  

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