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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

The past few days bees and butterflies have followed me. It’s not merely been SEEING a lot of them, it’s more intentional than that. I cannot shake them! Maybe some of you are experiencing this as well. This morning as a bee flew beside me, accompanying me the whole walk from the car, around the building, to the front door of work, I asked the Lord what it meant. The “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” from boxer Ali immediately came to mind. As I watched a butterfly float past, a revelation happened in the Spirit. Bees are very intentional in their flight paths. Their almost choreographed movement and ingrained routes are crucial to their way of life. Butterflies, on the other hand, tend to float with the wind. This is a time for us to do BOTH. For the spiritual season we are entering (now through February), we must keep the words God has given us as a FIRM FOCUS for where we are going and, like a choreographed dance of the spirit, take each step and pause in time with what the spirit is saying. We cannot change course based on emotion or distraction!!! If you have received a word and continue to receive that same confirmation from God yet have not seen the fulfillment of it, DO NOT CHANGE COURSE. Keep your focus on your God-given flight path. Simultaneously, we must be flexible to letting the winds of change and wind of the Spirit move us! While God’s word stands firm, the ROUTE He uses to take us there may not be what we expect. Be flexible to the how’s and when’s. What are both butterflies and bees? POLLINATORS. It’s pollination time!! This is a word that seems odd to give when here it is the beginning of winter, but in the spirit it is an exciting time of pollination. THINGS ARE COMING TOGETHER OUT OF SIGHT (it’s almost impossible to see a change once a plant has been pollinated) THAT WILL YIELD FRUIT IN THE NEXT SEASON! Just because your efforts seem to be affecting no change, do not be fooled! Keep moving with the Spirit and the result will come in the next season! 

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