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For several days in a row I have just happened to looked at the clock at 7:37 am and again at 7:37 pm. I’ll go to the store, and my total will be 7.37. Finally I pursued this number in Strong’s concordances. In the Greek, 737 is the word arti meaning “just now”, referring to that exact moment or the immediate present. In the Hebrew, 737 is the word aruchah which means “a meal, allowance” (as in a serving, portion, or dish). “On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink’.” John 7:37. For those who have been having messages with similar meanings from the spirit, there is a message emerging. NOW...not the prophetic “now”, but actually at this immediate point in time, NOURISHMENT is being sent. Both meal and drink represent a need being met, and this is what God is doing NOW in the spirit. This month of Kislev (today is the second day), is actually named for plentiful rains because this time carried with it the EXPECTATION for nourishment! NOW IS THE TIME TO BE WATERED AND FED. Expect needs to be met! There is another important piece, however. A 737 is a smaller aircraft that is made for SHORT TO MEDIUM DISTANCES. This carries a similar message to the word aruchah which implies just a portion or dish of food instead of a FEAST. The nourishment God is sending at this time is to GET YOU TO THE NEXT PLACE, but IT IS NOT ALL THAT IS COMING. It is just a portion given to restore hope and get you to the next place. More is coming, this is just the beginning. This nourishment may come in the form of revelation or breakthrough knowledge- particularly in dreams, as Kislev is known as the month of dreams- but it also may come in the form of providing physical resources. Keep your eyes open because it is NOW that a PORTION is coming!

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