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Those Wanting to Believe

Since early fall (August/September), God has initiated a process in the lives of some. He is specifically calling out to those who want to believe. There is a shyness he wants to take down. He hears their cries of "Show Me something! help me to believe! I want to believe and to be like those with unwavering faith!". He has never stopped believing in you. Through this blue period that you've undergone, the period where dreams seemed to fade. Even the last 20 plus years for some! The time where you stopped believing in God's plans to write a divine happily ever after with your life. For much of this time you have been chasing provision, trying to scrape by. "Don't worry about provision. I will satisfy you with sweet things...that cinnamon sweet smell of good food filling the air." He is drawing your attention to things that are deep within you. He says, "There are deep desires within you. The more things seem to change, the more these remain unchanged. This is how you indentify them. Don't hesitate with these things. Follow these as guiding lights to my callings for you, not worrying about how they will come to pass". Many of you say, "I can't believe that. It has always been this way. There is no hope in these callings. They are dead ends". It is time to shake loose the period of blues! Remembering these dreams will be like riding a bicycle- you never quite forget. God is taking these people at this time to a spiritual harbor. I heard the word Bombay which is a natural DEEP WATER HARBOR. I feel that this means the Lord wants to take your dreams to deeper water. Prepare them to really set sail. But this place will be safe and protected as a harbor is. He will not just throw you into the open ocean. This will be a training time. So dust off your dreams, it's time to ride again! 

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