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Many Messages

You receive many messages. There is an image of each message being like a chain. Those from the Lord are beautiful gold and silver necklace or bracelet chains adorning our bodies. Just like jewelry draws attention and, if given as a gift, draws our remembrance to the giver, so it is with God's jewelry. They do not bind, they ENHANCE us as representatives of Him and draw our REMEMBRANCE to Him. There are other chains that can be put on assuming they are "good" or "right" that are actually constricting and from the enemy. These chains bind. It is time to shake off these chains! We are to do this by sifting through the messages we receive with DISCERNMENT that is being released right now. Shake off that which breaks your heart. Put on that which heals it. Shake off that which is false. Put on that which is true. Shake off that which deceives or manipulates, put on that which consistently fights for you. Both messages are being sent at you constantly. They can even seem to come from internally. I saw that these messages, like hammers are shaping and molding based on what is received and what is rejected. Music right now is becoming like lightning for some. It is connecting Heaven and Earth. Some will experience getting in the car and hearing the Lord speak through the song that comes on the radio or hear Him in the music as you walk through the store. If this is you, pay attention to these messages! If they align with what you're hearing from God on other fronts, these messages will enhance the discernment being released now that will allow you to be released from binding chains and allow you to put on the jewels of the Lord.  

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