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Walk with Me Longer

God's love letter for He speaking to you? "Remember when we would take longer walks? Remember when we would talk about anything and everything? I smile thinking about it...thinking about YOU. Come walk with Me again. I haven't even said HALF of what I want to reveal to you. Have you seen the loose change everywhere? On the ground, in the car, in your home? There is change coming, and I'm leaving you clues! I can't wait to speak to you! Of everything and everyone competing for your attention, beautiful and alluring as some may be, would any of them have done what I have done for you? I love you more than anyone or anything can, and I have all you seek! I've been waiting patiently and knowingly while you have been busy or sought consolation in other people or other things. Not to shame you...just waiting for my turn to LOVE on you. Waiting for my turn to get to whisper in your ear because I alone have the answers you seek. Come feel with Me the anticipation...the potential...the power held in the plans I have for you. Come close and feel it. It exudes hope and radiates power. I have held back in waiting for you to draw near again, but I am ready when you are! You are PERFECT for what I have are exactly what I need for this assignment! Let's take those long walks again. Where it's just you and Me. You have so many reasons daily not to, but deep down you feel Me calling. Do you need help? I'm not too busy to rescue you. You are the busy one. ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ (Jeremiah 33:3)" 

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