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High Walls

Like Joshua and Jericho, there are those now who have been given a word or promise or direction and have taken action in faith. That obedience has been sustained and due to nothing you've done wrong NO CHANGE HAS COME. For these people there is an uneasy disappointment of "I thought for sure by now this would've happened". Despite the wait, these have NOT GIVEN UP THEIR FAITH IN WHO GOD IS. You still acknowledge Him as the worker of miracles. You KNOW He can and that He doesn't fail. You know He has the victory. You know one day you'll be joyful and praising again. You are just struggling to KEEP BELIEVING FOR THIS SPECIFIC PROMISE OR BREAKTHROUGH. You find a certain uneasiness in the unpredictable nature of God's if you don't know what He'll do next, but you hope He won't break your heart and call it "for your own good". Job wondered the same thing, and we know reading it that it was the enemy's affliction that assailed him, yet even after his doubts, it was GOD'S hand that gave him double what he had to begin with. You know He moves mountains, but you don't know if He'll move this one. Right now if this is you, may the Holy Spirit confirm this word to you- may His presence tangibly fall on you. Your walls may not have fallen yet, but hear this: HE WILL MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NONE. He has done it before. He will do it again.  

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