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Sea Called Lonely

A dream reminds you. The orange and yellow in the sunset and sunrise speak to you. The stars in the sky try to jog your memory. The road has been long. Weary and heartbroken at times along the way. Sometimes the mind gets so strong it overpowers the heart callings. But when you are alone, when the world finally quiets, when you lay down your burden for a moment, when you stop caring about that which doesn't matter, that's when the heart shouts loudly...missing those dreams, missing time with God, missing the heavenly that we were made for. Through efforts and striving, you have attempted to keep close, but life itself battles that intimacy with busy-ness and confusion and heartbreak. Life got in between. If this is you, He see you!! No amount of logic can overpower the deep knowing in your spirit that you must get back to the place of closeness that you long for. The time where you dreamed high dreams and crawled against the tide. A sea tosses all around you. The Lord calls the name of this sea "lonely". The Lord is now HOLDING BACK THE SEA to let you walk through. Anything that has hindered He now reveals a clear path back to the place of peace and intimacy. He says "I made all of creation for you. The promises I have for you outnumber the stars. Everything you have and will do with Me. Let me peel back your tough skin to reveal the beautiful I created beneath. I swam across your sea of lonely because I want you to know I LOVE you. That it was for YOU I bled myself dry. Before you tell Me why you cannot come with me with excuses and questions, let me remind you that I MADE you to walk on water. All you need to do is believe I made you this way. You may not see what you're fighting or fighting for now, but times are changing. Come through the sea with me as all becomes more clear." 

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