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Healing for the Toxic

God cannot keep His hands to Himself when His children are in trouble. When you have a need He comes charging to the rescue. God is calling out to those who have a toxin in their environment- who have been taking in spiritually toxic things. I get a vision of this toxin causing spiritual paralysis. The problem is this toxic source is somewhat pleasant. It’s hard to give up- almost like an addiction, and it’s just as dangerous. If this is for you this will be a confirmation of what the Lord has already been showing you. This paralysis or inability to move is what God is healing NOW. And He is going through extraordinary measures to do so. Your healing is coming from left field! You may in the natural see no chance for healing coming or feel like the chance has passed, yet you still feel a tiny mustard-seed sized stirring hope of “maybe...”. This hope is from the Holy Spirit. There also is a competing thought that says “God is making you do this, but it WONT BE GOOD. I won’t be happy.” This is a LIE. God can be trusted. Let the healing in. Just as He healed the paralytic in Mark 2, where the door is blocked HE WILL BUST THROUGH THE CEILING FOR YOUR HEALING. Receive it. There is an unprecedented aspect to what He is doing now. In the natural we can expect seasons in a certain order, but in the supernatural He is skipping ahead. The long-expected season will come faster than anticipated. In Mark 2, Jesus essentially asks which is easier- to heal the spiritual sticking to the past or to perform miracles in the natural... then He does BOTH. This is a time to look for signs and miracles as well as supernatural spiritual healings to come unstuck from things of the past that have become toxic! 

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