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Time of Momentum

The Lord has been highlighting the concept of momentum. This is a time for many of GAINING MOMENTUM. Listen to what momentum means. Merriam Webster defines it two ways. First, it’s a property of MOVING- something that comes with motion. In our spiritual walks we are all moving, so that means we all deal with spiritual momentum on some level. Momentum determines the length of time required to either 1) GET SOMETHING MOVING or 2) BRING IT TO A STOP when under the action of a constant force. Wow. 1)GET IT MOVING: Some things- especially big things- we have to apply constant force for a LONG TIME to build up speed. Think of pushing a big rock. You start out really slowly and gradually gain momentum. BECAUSE it’s big, once it HAS speed built up, it’s DIFFICULT to stop. This is much like the assignments God has given many. They have taken lots of time and work sown into them, but they ARE slowly picking up speed. Once they get moving, they will be impossible for the enemy to stop, BUT we must not stop applying the constant force. This force is our pressing into God. In prayer, in following through with His callings, in reading His word and putting His words into action, all of this is applying force to get our destinies rolling! If you feel like you’ve been pushing and pushing with little to show it may just mean it’s because it’s a BIG THING in the spirit that you are getting started. 2)STOPPING: The same principle can be true with resisting spiritual warfare. A big attack that has a lot of momentum can take a lot of resistance before it finally slows to a stop. DON’T STOP APPLYING PRESSURE. Just because your struggle isn’t over doesn’t mean it won’t stop. It just means it was a hard one. But you’re STILL FIGHTING. It’s just a matter of time before the attack runs out of steam. We draw our power from the Almighty, so our ability to PRESS is way stronger than our opposition. Building and resisting momentum are like working our spiritual muscles. We are going from level to level, getting stronger and stronger. Being transformed from glory to glory in increasing levels. I drove by a hill near our home that used to be grassy. I had barely noticed that over time they had brought more and more rocks there until literally God highlighted it to me today by having it painted blue. I stared for a moment at this beautiful hill of small blue rocks. I saw a vision of someone praying, and each prayer was a rock thrown towards the same spot. Seeing nothing, the person felt the rock had made no difference. Until one day the person stumbled upon a castle of rocks. All the prayers launched over time collectively built up walls, making a fortress. If God keeps confirming a calling for you to something and it seems to be progressing slowly, continue to be obedient. What seems like a small, unanswered effort will someday build something grand. After all, momentum is built from the word moment. A big victory is built from many small moments. “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18 ESV.  

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