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I Will Fight FOR You

"You belong to me, and I affectionately guard you. You may feel I've turned a blind eye to that which has been unfair in your life, but have faith in the justice of my process. I have not forgotten you. I have called to you choose to act in love and faith regardless of how your circumstances look. Hear my gentle plea to NOT try to take this into your own hands or figure out how I will work out your vindication and victory. You could not predict it if you tried. Trust enough in you incredible VALUE to me that, like a protective lover, I won't let you be taken away, hurt, or taken advantage of. I am love and I am justice, even if you cannot yet see it. Keep holding on." David had a chance to kill Saul, yet He resisted taking things into his own hands and trusted God. He became a king after God's own heart. Abigail had every reason to resent Nabal and let David kill him, but she became a noble peacemaker between them. She left things to God's hands. He made her the wife and advisor of a king. The child she bore after this process was named Daniel which, no surprise, means "God will judge". She knew God had seen and vindicated her. How differently could these stories have ended if they had taken things into their own hands? Probably much like Sarah who got her promise but in her own presumption caused herself and many others agony by attempting to predict and fulfill God's word blindly on her own. Hold out believing that God is a God who fights your battles and takes up your causes.  

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