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Dreams Coming to Pass

Not only is this a season of dream fulfilled in an abstract sense, but God literally has been speaking so much through nocturnal dreams. Last night I received a confirmation I feel is for all of us. In my first dream last night, we were purchasing a bike for my son. We looked at a map to see where to go, and the route to the store was illuminated. It was in a shopping center that is familiar to me, and I remembered there was a toy store there. As we looked in the toy store where we expected to find it, we didn't find it. We rechecked the map. We were in the right place. Then I looked out the window. A sporting goods store was next door. I suggested checking there, and we found the bike! We WERE where the map led, but it was at an unexpected store. Next dream a storm was coming. Many were evacuating going through the rain. The roads were congested so many people were heading into it. In the dream God told me the storm was called 1111 which He said meant "the destroyer". We were some of the only people NOT evacuating, and, in fact, the women with us, which I believe to be angels, told us to take shelter in a local cave. I thought this was silly since the open mouth of the cave and it being underground meant if there was any flooding, we would be the first to go. My water bottle was running low as we prepared to enter the cave and hunker down, and the angel filled my bottle and winked at me. Suddenly I remembered the prior dream and realized God was repeating the same message. Our safety was in an UNEXPECTED place. As I spent waking time thinking of this, I had a revelation. David had five stones to defeat Goliath. Gideon undertook many battles before victory. Jericho took seven days of marching. Sometimes we pray for breakthrough or step out in faith an APPEAR to get nothing. Little do we know, while ONE prayer or ONE final stone or ONE final march brings the breakthrough, it took all of them in culmination to accomplish the work. Keep stepping out. Keep praying. God is saying clearly now that our blessing...Our breakthroughs...Are coming in ways we do not expect, and He is putting us in exactly the right place to receive, DESPITE appearances.  

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