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Special Events Ahead

Over the past few days the number 747 has popped up everywhere. Naturally, my first thought is of the plane. A continuation of this theme God has been speaking to us about taking flight in this next year. Last night driving home, I glanced at the clock in the car. 7:47. I laughed and looked back up in time to read the road sign I was passing. "special events ahead" it read. I did a double take, making sure through the rain that that's really what it said. I even turned around, parked, and took a photo. Special events are ahead! This is a time of take off! During my morning devotional time today, a theme emerged. God kept repeating over and over "why are you begging for what I've already given?". The theme of GRACE. And not just grace but PRODIGAL grace. Prodigal means "having or giving something on a LAVISH scale". Often our prayers and our begging is for things that God has actually been the one to plant the desires for in our hearts! Sometimes our plans and God's plans to fulfill the desires of our hearts differ, but He always thinks BIGGER and BETTER than we ever could. Don't forfeit your spiritual inheritance or gifts in the name of false humility. "Oh I don't need that"... "God doesn't want to give me that". God is the ultimate giver! So hope again. And look for special events ahead! 

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