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Heaven Crashing Into Earth

There are resources, alignments, and powerful movements being released from heaven to Earth at this time, bringing with them miracles and a greater clarity in communication with the heavenlies. This morning I got the image of two cars driving the same direction down the road in the same lane. The one behind was moving faster than the one ahead. As the one behind crashed into the one ahead (picture bumper cars), it actually launched the one ahead like a boost. Instead of a crash it was an exhilarating help in the direction of their travel. This is a perfect picture of what happening in the supernatural. These movements of heaven being released require us to move rapidly without hesitation in the same direction as God's will for our lives. If we are stuck and not moving or if we are moving in the opposite direction, these movements will be like bumper cars colliding creating a jarring experience into motion. In all cases, heaven is moving on earth, and the effects will be felt and seen, and they will be even more of a joy for those already moving in line with heaven. I mentioned that 5778 in Strong's concordance is Ophay, the short definition being Ephai meaning "an Israelite" or "bird-like". Run after the things of God so that the movements of heaven can fuel your take off in the upcoming year! This year will be bird-like as we prepare to TAKE OFF. Just like the Israelites, this time is going to be SET APART, chosen, for God and His purposes.  

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