Burning Hearts

It's a ladybug time. After several ladybugs landed on me over the course of the day, I was reading about them. One phrase gave me spirit bumps all over. It said "while everyone recognizes the adult ladybug, in its previous life stages you wouldn't even recognize it". I feel like the work the Lord is doing transformatively in hearts right now is a similar work. It's unpredictable...If you were to look at your life now, you would not predict where it's going. If you were to look at some people around you, you would not predict who they will BECOME. Things are not looking like what they will become. There is plenty of mystery and surprise in store. Part of this work is going to be by sowing into EACH OTHER. I've been seeing things in pairs all day. As iron sharpens iron, we are being called together. Braided together. I feel that this is a time God is wanting to break off inhibitions that keep us from reaching out. I felt the Lord say "I am placing in your mouth words to be given to specific people. These words are going to build them up and shape and grow them through encourage. Just as Moses thought maybe another would go or should speak, you feel a hesitance in reaching out with these loving, life- giving words, but I am sending YOU." The spirit of God dwelling in us enables us to come alongside those in our lives and their walks. God brought to my mind the story of the walk to Emmaus. We are called to be conduits for God. Just like those on the road with Jesus, they may not recognize it at first. It wasn't until Jesus disappeared that they said "didn't our hearts burn within us?!". You may have no outward signs that those you're walking with are being touched by the Jesus in you, but live in such a way that after you leave they are left with burning hearts! 


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