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Roll to Me

God put a person (or persons) on my heart today. Maybe this word is for you. "If it feels like all is going downhill, let go and use that hill to roll to Me. If things feel unstable it's because I'm literally tilting the earth underneath your feet to move you to the center stage of My plans for you right now. For some of you there is a relationship or situation that doesn't feel right. Bring it to Me and lay down trying to make it work. Trust Me to work through your submission and make beautiful clay vessels from the muddy mess you see around you. I want to heal and restore to life. I say, 'Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?' (mark 4:40) If you're aching with a need that feels endless. If you don't even know what to ask for or what feels off, come to Me. If you feel stalled and don't know why. Ask Me. I will help you. You can never bug me too much or pray too much. Talk all night if you need to. Then listen." 

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