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Greener Grass

"You know My heart for you is love. You know My heart for you is grace, never wanting bad for you, wanting your success! I don't want to trick you or condemn you... When in My history have I ever not yearned to partner with my people and do wonderful things together? I see your perfections more clearly than your imperfections, your potential more clearly than your shortcomings. You yearn to know the "right way", but there is no prescription or legalistic process like that, even though you may think it would be easier if there were. The "right way" comes from keeping your ear to my lips as things change and evolve so that your walk can stay straight. Distractions pull at your heart. Looking at others' walks and others' lands, it seems their grass is greener and path is smoother. Only from my perspective can you truly see what is happening. I have promised to lead you beside still waters to green pastures. I withhold nothing good, and I am not holding out on you. I love no one more! Focus on what is true, hopeful, and good. That you cannot earn my love, and that I have made your way perfect." 

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