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Bury the Opposition

"There has been something lost- On personal and collective levels- from days where other idols and priorities drove your actions. A grief or lost hope has hovered in its place. Until now. I am declaring hope, assuring restoration, and breathing on dry bones. You may feel surroundes by a barrage of obstacles, but when you see with the eyes of truth, you are really surrounded with my protection and favor. I am the God that FIGHTS for you, and my vengeance on the powers against you is so great that I will CLEAR the spiritual land in front of you, leaving only dead remnants of what used to be your spiritual opposition. Your job will be the BURY these remnants. Put away all that used to hinder you or steal your dedication to me. Those defeated things that no longer have power over you, if you will bury them from your attention, will become seeds beneath the soil that spring up new things. This is a time of a freshness in the spirit, where creative ideas and confidence to act will be increased!" 

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