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Someone needs to hear these words. Maybe it's you. The Lord says to you... "Relax. You are not the judge. Hear it again. You are not the judge. Right now your mind races judging timelines and outcomes. You judge how long things should take or will take. You judge yourself. You judge how you measure up to what others think you should be, what you think you should be, what you think I think you should be. You judge your circumstances. You judge if what's happening around you and where I am taking you are good or bad. You judge how hopeful your situation looks and how promising the outcomes are. Let me invite you to relax and just be. Be who I made you. Be where you are right now. Leave the judging and analyzing to Me. You'll find your judgments are, many times, way off. I am a Good Father, and I love surprising you in unexpected ways. Ways your judgments will never account for. Let closeness to me be your sole focus, and let everything else fade to the background." 

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