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Keep Seeking Despite the White Noise

For some there has been a significant level of spiritual white noise...busier schedules, distraction, unexpected bumps in the road, feeling confused about what God is saying, or feeling distant. For those who are experiencing this it feels like God is a radio station that's coming in and out of the white noise. If you're experiencing this- do NOT focus on the white noise. We never focus on what the enemy is doing but on how God is overcoming it! Continue to SEEK- despite frustration or disappointment or confusion. This is only temporary! I have felt God repeating in events all around me the past few days... "Take comfort in knowing you do not have to know every detail or be emotionally confident all the time for Me to still be guiding you in your situation. Where you see no way out, this is because you are only considering a limited set of outcomes. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways (Isaiah 55:8)." HE IS STILL IN CONTROL EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL OUT OF CONTROL. Float on the trust that He has made a way and is guiding you even when you can't hear or see it. Rest in Him.  

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