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Certainty in the Journey

Sharing what God placed on my heart today... He says "I know it's hard sometimes. I give you PEACE. And not as the world gives. The world find peace is certainty, and it finds certainty in completion or in reaching the destination. But I tell you you have certainty in the process! You think so much about the end result. When you find yourself longing for the end or thinking of the outcome, notice if you're daydreaming or worrying. I INVITE you to dream with me... I am the God of possibilities and love when you get excited about what I am doing and will do! But I ask you to come away from WORRY. Thinking with tension and anxiety and nervousness about the future is not what I want for you. I work with slow hands and take my time because I create GOOD things. Everything is a process, and even what seems instantaneous I have been brewing behind the scenes for some time. But this is not bad news! If you're in process and not at the end result yet it means that you still have so much that awaits you on this journey! Choose joy. Choose to get excited about what I have for you, seeing each step as a new gift. The more process ahead of you, the more gifts just waiting to be experienced!" 

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