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More Than You Could Earn

There is a pattern that runs the course of Biblical history and even into today. Most of Nehemiah 9 illuminates this pattern of God first giving something miraculous, much-desired, unearned, and undeserved to His children followed by Him making a REQUEST. He requests they follow His commandments. Hear me when I say THIS IS FOR NOW. And God is NOT referring to Old Testament Law, although all commands of God can be summed up in the two greatest commandments of loving God and loving others. God is releasing significant levels of grace...Unexpected blessings out of nowhere, promotions that aren't earned, gifts that cannot be repaid, etc. God is doing this specifically for YOU just to show His love... No other angle or motivation! BUT when these things come, we are to SEEK His will for these blessings! When is the last time that you received a blessing and immediately asked, "God, how would you like me to use this opportunity/blessing/connection?" ASK EXPECTANTLY. And do what He commands! The blessings God is releasing now are for things He is wanting to PARTNER with you in! They are not only good gifts, but they are INVITATIONS. Ask God what He wants to do with what He has blessed you with, and watch for a MULTIPLICATION in blessings and intimacy with God!

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