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Call to Come Deeper

"You have waded into the waters of faith, going deeper and deeper, following My voice. You may feel you're as far as you can go. You have done all you can. You've waded so far out all that can touch the sandy bottom are the tips of your toes. Go deeper. Get in over your head. As soon as you stop being able to touch the bottom...As soon as the waves of My Spirit completely move your entire body... That is when you surrender your control to the current of My Spirit. Let Me take you where you could never swim on your own. You will be beautifully out of control, but you will be in the hands of the One who controls the stars and the tides. Don't panic. Relax and float as I bring you to what is next. Rest in your trust in Me. What feels foreign and fearful to your humanness will become the comfort zone of your transformation." 

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