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Open the Door

Last night I heard audible knocks. (No one at the door). This morning I woke up to my bedroom door left open while I slept. During my morning time with God the recurring theme of doors of opportunity keeps resurfacing. I believe the Lord is saying, "Listen to me knock! All you need to do is let me in with the posture of your heart. A submitted and eager heart lets me in. You are called to power and love and not to timidity. You don't need to strive or make your own opportunities. Keep resting. All you need to do is let me in. I will not force my way. Only you can choose to open yourself more to me. I am calling you closer to your inner child. The childlike faith and big dreams you used to hold are where I wait for you to return. I am calling you away from your inner Jonah. The reluctance and inhibition in your heart keeps your sailing the other way from doors I am opening for you. It's time to take a new direction. Yes, you have heard me. No, it may not make sense. Build your trust in OUR RELATIONSHIP rather than your circumstances, and you will sail through any storm untouched. Just answer my knock. I know you've opened doors for me to enter areas of your life in the past. Open the next door for me to go a little deeper still." 

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