Get Back Up

For those feeling disconnected...Wondering what God is doing in their lives and how it will all come together... God says, "Give it time. Just keep dancing with me. It will all come together. For it's not by your power or might or even your awareness of what I am doing that things get accomplished, but it is by My power alone". You have been knocked down by blows from the enemy, but HEAR THIS- You already have the means to rise above and beat it. Do not simply wait for a change in your circumstance, but BY YOUR STANCE of faith, be the change you're wishing to see. Instead of hoping for victory, live from a belief that supercedes sight and walk as though your victory is unfolding!!! Because this very walk of faith is what will bring that victory on earth as it is in heaven. God says "Look to me for the strength to persist in these times, and I will renew you. Proof of our victory is in the fact that you're even still moving. Resistance and tension are evidence of progress. We are going from who you are to who you are becoming. We are going from how it is to how it should be. You are in the middle of a redemption story I have written before the beginning of time. One that you will tell as testimony for My glory. Do not look to anything else. I am the way, the truth, the life, and I am love. Do not look to yesterday because the things of the past are gone. This is a new day. I am still changing you. Don't let appearances concern you because remember- nothing is immediate. It's part of the process. Take my hand to this new land and leave behind that of yesterday without fear or sadness because I tell you you will look upon what I am bringing you to and SMILE that all you have been brought to is far more than that which you have come from." 

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