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Don't Despise Small Beginnings

Some of you are at a place in your walk where you feel like your growth is so slow. Your progress towards what you feel called to feels so small. If this is you, the Lord gave me an image of a tent and a house. A tent is erected in a moment while a house takes months to build. The more intricately designed, the longer the house takes to build. The bigger the house, the longer it takes to build. The more carefully planned, the longer it takes. God's tender whisper says, “I don't want you to camp, beloved. I want us to build something together that can stand against the storms. My blueprints for you are far bigger, far more intricate, far more thought-out than you can imagine. I see your heart and how you long for it to all be done NOW or even just SOON. You want an established garden, and that is exactly what I want for you! You have been speaking life over and over these seeds that we so carefully planted together, forcing them into an unnatural acceleration. 'On the day you set them out, you make them grow, and on the morning when you plant them, you bring them to bud, yet the harvest will be as nothing' (Isaiah 17:11). Let me take you STEP BY STEP. Let me open you eyes to the growth that IS happening slowly but SURELY. What is small now will not stay small long, as I will grow it EXPONENTIALLY. The further you journey down this road with me in trust, learning to rejoice in the small growth, the more you will be overwhelmed with joy as you see the larger growth SUDDENLY burst into life. Do not despise small beginnings, for what has started small will not remain that way. You may see only dust and concrete at this point, but I see the perfectly laid foundation for something ENDURING that will be beyond what you could ask for or imagine. Do not take over my role as contractor or gardener. Give me time. Watch my slow hands work, for though it takes time, what they establish cannot be stopped.” 

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