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Your Challenges are Your Commissioning

To commission- (1) to bespeak/speak to (2) to order or authorize to do something (3) bring (a warship) to readiness for active service (4) to appoint someone to the rank of officer in the armed services No one likes challenges, but everyone has them. Focus on your challenges, and you see discouragement. Focus on what can be done with them, and you see HOPE. There is an invitation now to make your challenges your COMMISSIONING. God is calling us to lift our perspective above the injustice or pain of our experiences to see from His greater view. A strategic view. If you were to seek advice from someone about financial planning, would you ask the teenager living at home who has never experienced financial planning, or would you ask the person who started with nothing and built their business from the ground up? We value EXPERIENCE. Whatever you have been through - whatever you are going through - IS A GIFT. Like precious treasures increasing the value of your individual story. Your story or testimony IS your gift. And each challenge that's been overcome is a spiritual promotion. In facing and overcoming each new challenge in life, we gain a sphere of influence. There is a new group of people to which you can speak love and encouragment to, saying "I've been there". See your challenges, past and present, as your divine COMMISSIONINGS. You have been given these things to 1) be able to speak to them, 2) to be ordered or authorized to be a light to those experiencing those same challenges, 3) to be made ready like a warship to help fight others' spiritual battles alongside them, and 4) to be given a commanding rank on the spiritual battle ground of this shared struggle of humanity. Keep sailing through the storm. When you reach shore, you'll become someone else's lighthouse.  

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