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No Strings Attached

Let go of performance. Though you know my love is full of grace that cannot be earned, deep down you still fear my love has strings attached. My love, there are no strings between us. I cut every one when I tore the veil between us on that crucifixion day. You have busied yourself trying to please me with your deeds. Your deeds are good, but I want your heart. Like Mary and Martha, what is better is to be close to me. If your deeds are many but your heart feels somehow unfulfilled..Disappointed..Then this is for you. Guard against the idols of performance and self-perfecting. Thinking if you could just do more that you would be more loved or that the grace and blessings I give you are merit-based. I see your heart. I look into your mind and know every thought. You are tied up so tight in expectations and gridlocked in demands. All I want to do is cut the string and set you free. I want our relationship to be without pretense. You cannot fully relax or trust until you know how fully LOVED you are by Me. Don't wait until you've gotten your act together and sorted things out to call Me. Call Me in your mess. I wait for the call, and I eagerly and quickly answer. You weary yourself swimming against the tide, but you forget that I AM God of the wind and waves. Rest. Let me calm the waters like only I can. Release control to me. You were not made to hold all of this on your own. You could never do it without me. So come to me, My friend, and relax under an easy yoke. Break those idols of performance, legalism, and perfection. Surrender control of your situation to My lead. I got this.  

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