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Word for July

As I was journaling this morning this song came on (link at the bottom). Let these words from the Father's heart wash over you: There has been a timidity holding you back. An apprehension. A second thought. A what if? What if I give myself completely to this? What if I show all of my heart? Now is the time. This is your month. Come away with Me this month. Run with the carefree faith of a child. Receive My acceptance and come as you are. Don't try to be who you think you need to be. Be who I made you to be. Live to please Me, love others, and love Me. This may not always please others. Release yourself from having to please people, and focus on My will. My disciples, My prophets, even My Son were not always popular or liked by all. Call to me from the ashes, and I will hear and make you clean. I will wash away your worry with the water of My presence. Walk with Me as I show you how to believe. I know much is at stake, but be courageous. Let nothing hold you back from Me. Give all parts of your life to Me, and you will be amazed at all I give to you. Let your life shine for what you believe in. Be yourself. Let me love all parts of you, and you will light up the darkest night. 

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