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"I Am Reviving What You've Almost Given Up On"

This morning I heard... "I'm raising the dead IN you, but I am NOT raising the dead you". There is someone who has experienced dozens of failures and is on the brink of giving up. You started boldly pursuing the calls He has put on your heart. You took steps down the path of boldly becoming who you are made to be, wildly loving Him and others without limits or fears, and passionately pursuing the dreams He placed in your heart. Then it appeared that you stalled. Progress seemed to stop or never come. God brought to my attention how the disciples must have felt this same way after His crucifixion. Yes, they heard God's words and promises and prophecies about it. They were also human, however...Don't you think for at least a moment they thought, "We failed. Our cause just died. What did any of this mean? What do we do? Do we turn back?". God says "Don't turn back to your old ways! You already died to yourself to have new life, and I am NOT raising the old dead you...You were meant for more! Look forward - not backward!" JUST WAIT. Just as He did that resurrection day, God is about to do the IMPOSSIBLE. Just as He promised. Don't forget what He has said and called you to do and be despite how impossible it may look. I had a vision of a plant fully flowering and beautiful. Then all its flowers drop. It appears to be a regression. A death. BUT then fruit begins to grow!! This is God's word to you if everything around you seems to be stuck or regressing or hopeless...HOLD ON. WAIT. The very things you thought were dead are coming to life! 

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