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Show and Grow

"I am giving you a stage", the Lord says. "It's not a stage you will or even could seek on your own. It will be by my power and for my glory, but it will fill your heart to overflowing. You will love partnering with me as we share the gifts I gave you with the world". In the circles of influence the Lord has given you (because we all have them), He is using you to shine! He is showing off His glory through your gifts! Do not seek your own glory- seek His kingdom and His glory FIRST AND SOLELY, and this will be added to you! I have seen and heard so many words and verses about boldness. God is calling us to a time of boldly stepping out to grow the gifts He has placed in our hearts. You may know exactly what God is speaking about when it comes to your gifts. For others it may be a beautiful suprise. For some you have dreamed of and even tried tried by your own power over and over again in some area and felt like a failure. It will succeed now BECAUSE God goes with you. For some of you something you never thought you would do or never dreamed you would be good at will become a great fruit-bearing tree in your life for the Lord! Press in! Ask the Lord to show and grow these gifts. Our prayer now should be "show and grow!" "It will not be by your effort nor will you be able to purchase with money what I will do for you. Watch and be amazed!" says the Lord. Phoenix, Arizona has been popping up everywhere. License plates, email, conversation. God says the like a Phoenix He is taking your ashes and breathing the fire of His word on them to create a whole new life for you! This is a new start! A new beginning. Where you have had an ARID ZONE He will rain grace, provision, and fulfillment. He will quench!  

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