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Come Back to Me

This morning God has pressed on my heart a word for someone or multiple someones. If we are important enough to God to die for we are certainly important enough to have a word written and published if only for one of the ninety nine (Matt 18:12). God wants you back. Similar to when there's been a break up and feelings remain, God says to someone "you think I hate you or am mad about what you did, but I'm not! I want you back! I still love you!". He has just been waiting for you to invite Him back! This may not have even been a full turning or break up with God. More like there's been more distance in your relationship recently. Maybe you've tried to fill the void with something else (or accidentally let something else creep into God's spot as the love of your life), but you feel disappointed. Like there's not the hope in front of you that there used to be. You feel a hurt that maybe even your friends don't know you feel. You have thought about making a change before, but you stall when you try. God says "I still believe in you and all that I created you to do. Run back to me! Let me fill you with hope and healing and vision for the future. You are clean! Your story will not be like others before you. You are destined for a HAPPY ending, and it begins now as you come back to me." 

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